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Eco Wool Recycled Insulation

Welcome to Recycled Insulation, what better way to insulate your loft than with Eco Wool recycled insulation rool, made from 85% recycled plastic bottles. the energy saving, heat loss ruducing aluminum foil tape solution.

Eco Wool Recycled Insulation Eco Wool Recycled Insulation

What is recycled insulation?

Eco Wool Insulation is made from user-friendly nonirritant, non-itch recycled material that is free from floating fibres or dust and so avoids skin irritation and respiratory problems normally associated with other forms of insulation. Eco-Wool will not deteriorate over time and will not be affected by mould, mildew or rot. Eco-Wool is also resistant to vermin and insect attack. .

  • Recycled Insulation from Eco Wool is Ideal for topping up existing insulation, new build OR increasing your energy rating ready for a HIPS report
  • Recycled Insulation from Eco Wool is Made from approximately 85% recycled plastic bottles
  • Recycled Insulation from Eco Wool is totally safe, itch free and easy to install with no protective clothing required

  • IMPORTANT - Unlike traditional loft insulation there is NO floating fibres. Safer for fitting and avoids breathing health risks within the home
  • Every 1 tonne of plastic bottles recycled for the manufacture of ECO WOOL Recycled Insulation saves 1.5 tonnes of carbon emissions into our atmosphere

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